VIDEO: Woman’s angry outburst over “rotten” meat to Subway staff in Luton

A mum from Lewsey Farm recorded her angry outbust after a sandwich bought from a Subway store in Luton allegedly contained stale meat.

Jane Leach, 27, was in the store on George Street on Thursday, June 11, when she purchased the turkey salad sandwich.

Rotten meat at Subway, Luton?

Rotten meat at Subway, Luton?

She said: “I bit into it and it was rock hard and all dark. It was disgusting. It could have been my daughter eating that and she can’t express herself.”

Ms Leach described the meat variously as “rotten” and “moudly”.

She claims she alerted staff to the problem, only to be told she needed to pay for her drink of Coca-Cola.

Ms Leach said: “I was waiting for 15 minutes and then I lost my temper. They offered to change my sandwich and the woman behind the counter threw it in the bin.”

The disputed piece of meat from Subway

The disputed piece of meat from Subway

Enraged, Ms Leach demanded the binned sandwich back as evidence. It was returned to her, with some of the stale meat allegedly torn off.

And angry Ms Leach then recorded the dispute in the store.

She added: “I’m quite funny about what I eat.”

A Subway spokesman said: “Following an incident on June 11 at a Subway store on George Street we are unable to provide any further information due to an on-going internal investigation.

“We will be taking appropriate action once this is complete.”