WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT - Gang of thugs beat each other up at train station platform in Luton

This is the moment a gang of young thugs beat each other up on train station platform.

Monday, 27th January 2020, 10:48 am
Updated Monday, 27th January 2020, 11:08 am

The shocking footage shows around ten men punching and kicking each other in Luton last night (January 26).

At one point a man can be seen running across the station to land a kick on a man lying on the floor, while pals continue to brawl all around him.

The vicious fight at around 6pm is understood to have been sparked by a disagreement on a train earlier in the night.

`Brawl at Luton train station

The scene of the incident has been reported nationally as Luton train station, however this has yet to be confirmed.

Onlookers can be seen watching and walking past as the fight continued.

Eyewitnesses claim the fight between two groups of men lasted for around an HOUR and described the scene as "chaos''.

Some of the fighters can be seen grappling on the floor while others are engaged in a fist fight against a wall.

Footage captured the brawl at Luton train station platform

It's not known if anyone was seriously injured in the fight by an eyewitness said "people were hurt pretty bad".

Bedfordshire Police is investigating the footage.