Youths have made Luton woman’s life a misery

Michelle Munroe
Michelle Munroe

A harrassed mum from Luton says she is at the end of her tether due to teen yobs making her life a misery.

Michelle Munroe lives in Dorrington Close and says a gang of around 15 youths are persistently loitering around the street – pestering residents.

Hospital employee Michelle works night shifts but says she cannot get any sleep at all during the day.

She said: “It’s getting a bit crazy and I don’t know what else I can do. It’s been going on for years – they are hanging around, littering everywhere, jumping on people’s cars – my car was damaged about two years ago.

“I can’t sleep if I come home from a night shift. I’m up at 11am because of all the noise outside, they are shouting and playing loud music.”

Michelle has lived in the street for 10 years, and says problems began around six or seven years ago.

She said: “Years ago there was an ASBO order but that then finished and there was nothing put in its place.

“My house has been egged and my kitchen window damaged.”

Last Thursday, August 25 police were called to the street again after reports of shooting. Michelle said: “I was at work at the time but I didn’t allow my 17-year old son to go home that night.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of ongoing issues in Dorrington Close, and our PCSOs in the area regularly carry out extra patrols to reassure residents. We have now appointed one PCSO to the area as a single point of contact. The force’s Operation Sentinel team, who aim to tackle anti-social behaviour, have also been carrying out proactive patrols in the area.”

Anyone with information contact police via 101.