The Cube of Truth talks climate change in Luton

Animal rights campaigners were back in Luton as they hoped to persuade shoppers to question the impact that eating meat is having on the environment.

By Jo Gravett
Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 2:15 pm
Cube of Truth.
Cube of Truth.

As well as educating shoppers about examples of cruelty in the meat, dairy and fish industries, protest team “The Cube of Truth” explained that eating meat contributes to damaging greenhouse gas emissions.

A spokesman told the Luton News: “We almost got swept off our feet by the strong gales – but maybe they were the vegan winds of change sweeping through society?

“We showed the reality of life (and premature death) for the billions of animals cruelly exploited in the meat, dairy, egg and fish industries – and asked people to consider the vegan alternative.

“I met four passers-by who were already vegan, and most people who stopped to talk admitted that the way we treat animals is unethical, bad for our health, and damaging for the environment.”

He added: “All the experts agree that eating meat is bad for the environment. Methane from cattle leads to climate change and huge swathes of rainforest in South America have been lost to create grazing land. If you care about the planet the best thing you can do is to stop eating meat.”