Dancers can book an audition now for Phoenix Starr Dance College in Luton

Dancers can book an audition now for a place at Luton's first hip hop dance college, opening in September.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 4:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 4:26 pm
Auditions for Phoenix Starr Dance College will be held at the School's dance studio in Luton

Phoenix Starr Dance College is holding auditions for dancers, aged over 16, at the studio on Chapel Street, on May 7, June 15, July 23, and July 26.

Jazmin-Jade Buckley, of Luton, set up Phoenix Starr, a dance academy that focuses on hip hop in 2013, it has gone from strength to strength with her dancers winning international competitions.

She now wants to take hip hop dance in Luton to the next stage by opening a vocational college to help dancers find a career, as a professional dancer or teacher.

She said: “We are looking for students with a passion for dance, they would need to audition for the college and if successful they will enjoy three years of full time training to be the best dancer. Commercial and hip-hop dancers are the ones on stage as back up dancers, so why not train in those styles five days a week.

“I want to put Luton on the map for something positive, and give young people an opportunity to get involved with something they are passionate about.

“Recently, there has been a lot of knife crime in the town, which can be associated with hip-hop music but I want to show a different side to the music and the dance moves.”

The course will be five days a week for students aged 16 to 24.

Jazmin added: “I want the school to be a success and create for careers people. We want our students leaving our school to be prepared for this industry as dancers or qualified dance teachers, as well as earning a diploma in dance.”

There is an open day for the college on Thursday, May 31. For more information visit