Documentary is looking for senior citizens

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Age Concern Luton has given its blessing to a television company which is hoping to make an intriguing documentary about how senior citizens could be enabled to stay in their homes.

According to Watershed TV producer Sat Panesar, the solution could be pairing them with younger people in need of subsidised accommodation.

He said: “The focus is to understand the issues facing OAPs living alone in their own homes.

“From our initial research we know many old people would like to remain where they are but everyday chores become immense challenges in their advancing years.

“They’re also finding maintainence is becoming much more difficult and expensive,

“In addition, one of their greatest concerns is loneliness – they have limited contact with other people which leads to a big drop in their health and wellbeing.”

He explained: “The documentary is still in the development stage although we’re being funded by one of the major channels.

“We’re trying to find people who are living on their own and want to continue living independently but could do with some help around the house.

“We’re looking for great characters who could give us a snapshot of their lives and talk through the issues that are affecting them.

“If this sounds like you, please get in touch – at this stage we just want to hear about your situation and there is no obligation to take part.”

> If you think you fit the bill, call 020 3301 8998 or email