Double amputee to sue Centrebus

Double amputee Trevor Shepherd waiting by the bus stop
Double amputee Trevor Shepherd waiting by the bus stop

A disabled Luton man who has frequently been abandoned by the road side after being unable to board buses without wheelchair access is to sue Centrebus after an incident on June 3.

Trevor Shepherd, 57, of Wigmore Lane said: “I was getting off the bus when the suspension came up and tipped me out. The driver and another passenger helped me back into the chair.

“I complained to the council by phone but when the bus company was contacted they had no record of the incident.”

He’s also upset the he’s had to have his mobility scooter measured to qualify for an Arriva disability sticker so the driver knows the vehicle is approved for travel.

“I need two photographs to go with it and my chair won’t fit in a photo booth,” he explained.

A council spokesman said: “We are very currently waiting to hear back from Centrebus and will be following up to see what action is taken to ensure disabled people are treated equitably and with respect.”

A Centrebus spokesman said: “If Mr Shepherd contacts customer services on 01582 250250, the incident will be fully investigated.”