'˜Drug addicts can turn their lives around' says Luton man who had '˜revolutionary' Nad treatment

A Luton man who battled drug addiction hopes to inspire others to change their lives after he had a 'revolutionary' detox treatment in London.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 12:58 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:08 pm
Roderick says a huge thank you to family, friends and Nad Cell staff.

Roderick Inayat, of Stopsley, wishes to thank the Nad Cell Clinic of Upper Wimpole Street, Marylebone, for their help in stopping his reliance on Subutex, an opioid that prevents withdrawal symptoms.

The former addict admits to using heroin and crack cocaine until ten years ago when he decided to kick the habit.

The determined Lutonian managed to get doses of Subutex down to 2mg a day but, still feeling the “horrible” side affects and desperate to change, he appealed to Nad Cell who kindly offered him a discount upon hearing his story.

Roderick said: “When treatment began, I was feeling quite unwell as I had reduced the Subutex medication very quickly during the last ten days before the treatment.

“However, I was very excited to get this huge monkey off my back! The treatment involved the Bridge device and five ‘NAD’ intravenous infusions. On day five - the last day of the treatment - I had minimal withdrawals!”

The Bridge is an electronic device fitted to the ear with electrodes, used to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms, while, NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a vitally important molecule found in all living cells, used to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and energise cells.

John Gillen, managing director, said: “I congratulate Roderick on his determination and diligence. I know he’s going to volunteer in rehab centres and I think he’s got a future helping others.”

Roderick said: “My biggest thank you goes to John Gillen who made this treatment possible, as I couldn’t afford it. He actually cared - something addicts don’t get much of.”

He claimed: “Ultimately, I want to help other addicts get this treatment and find a way to raise funding. To do that I would also like to raise awareness about addicts not being helped, unlike countries like Norway - who give addicts treatment instead of prison - the British system is set up to punish rather than help people who suffer from addiction. I am currently looking for help to make this happen and would be happy to be contacted by anyone who would like to help.”

Roderick’s Detox Diary -

The Treatment begins: I was feeling quite unwell as I had reduced the Subutex medication very quickly during the last ten days before the treatment. However, I was very excited to get this huge monkey off my back - after the treatment I could get my life back. The first day was Monday and I had no medication that day. Going to the clinic (Upper Wimpole Street, Central London) was difficult so I booked a taxi as going up on the train would have been too difficult. I used the same taxi driver during the whole treatment as he was very good. It cost a lot of money but was worth it.

Day 1 was the hardest and began with the doctor assessing me and attaching the bridge device which is attached to the ear, it looks like a hearing aid. They kept monitoring my blood pressure etc and began the NAD intervenous infusion, after the infusion, I felt much better and even had energy (One of the worst symptoms of opiate withdrawal is being extremely tired. I did not have this). I went home and was feeling okay, however that night was the hardest as I did not sleep for a second. I was having stomach cramps all night and realised very quickly that I could not eat solid food as it was causing these stomach cramps that were so painful that the pain radiated throughout my body.

Day 2 was much better and I spoke to both John Gillen (founder owner of Nad Cell) and then John gave me am motivational pep talk which helped me soldier on through the discomfort, and the doctor recommended I take buscopan for stomach cramps. I changed my diet and ate lentil soup and eggs and nothing else for the next 10 days. On this diet, I had no more stomach cramps and slept seven hours minimum every night after. This is a miracle, as when you go through withdrawals you can’t sleep.

Day 3 - John and the doctor explained that from their experience I would feel much better by Friday(day 5) and I actually began to feel much better every day.

Day 5 - Last day of the treatment and I had minimal withdrawals. I was 60% better which was amazing.

By day 7 the acute withdrawals were gone.

This was the easiest detox I have ever done, while it is not a miracle cure I firmly believe that the bridge and Nad is the way forward when it comes to opiate/opioid detoxes and relapse prevention. Nad can also help with a host of other addictions.

It took about two weeks for me to start feeling normal, this was tricky as I didn’t know what was normal after spending so long addicted to opiates/opiods.