Drug users and vomit in Luton car park

Above: The mouldy sick. Luton Borough Council advises residents to report crime to the police.
Above: The mouldy sick. Luton Borough Council advises residents to report crime to the police.

A frustrated commuter has slammed Luton train station’s multi-storey car park, claiming it is riddled with vomit and faeces and has become a “shelter” for the homeless, drug dealers and prostitutes.

The distressed woman, who pays to use the Park Indigo site on Station Road, claims: “Despite on previous occasions having had to walk past working girls mid-transactions, and heroin or crack smokers, over the last year and half nothing changes.

“It’s getting colder; there’s rough sleepers in the main stairwell and signs of drug use with the strong smell of urine and faeces. Mouldy sick wasn’t removed for 10 days!”

Indigo Park Services UK Limited manage the Luton site for their client, Govia Thameslink Railway.

A spokesman for Thameslink said: “As the Luton News revealed last year, Luton has over twice the number of people living on the streets than any other town in the East of England and the problem has spilled over into the car park.

“The police are fully aware and our own Rail Enforcement Officers and colleagues at the British Transport Police have stepped up patrols.

“We take this anti-social behaviour very seriously but it’s a big challenge. We’re reviewing what can be done with the police and our car park and station teams.

“We have CCTV coverage of the entire car park. We’re now looking at what physical changes might be made to discourage rough sleepers, but the stairwells are fire exits, so our options are limited.”

A Luton Borough Council spokesman said: “The behaviours described are unacceptable and we are working with police to target issues, such as antisocial behaviour.

“We investigate, deal with any illegal activity and work with our partners to resolve residents’ concerns. Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers make regular patrols in the town centre and can issue fixed penalty notices of up to £400 for a variety of anti-social behaviour issues.”