101-year-old woman threatened with court by Luton Borough Council

David Gore with his grandmother Muriel
David Gore with his grandmother Muriel

A man has spoken of his outrage after Luton Borough Council sent a letter to his 101-year-old grandmother threatening court action.

David Gore, 40, was livid when he read the letter – sent to his grandmother Muriel – advising she faced court unless she paid a £600 care bill.

As David hurried to organise his grandmother’s affairs, he asked the council to hold back the date for him to pay it.

But they refused to do so, leaving David terrified his grandmother will have to go to court while he waits four weeks to gain power of attorney over her financial affairs.

David said: “My grandmother lives in residential care. She’s 101 and didn’t understand that she had to pay.

“I’m aware that the bill needs paying, but it’s quite a blunt letter. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

“She’s been recently registered as blind and can’t walk without assistance. She needs 24-hour care.”

Muriel lived on her own until the age of 98 before moving into sheltered accommodation after a series of falls. She currently resides at Little Bramingham Farm in Luton.

She was married to prominant Lutonian, Hedley Gore MBE, who served as secretary of the Luton Chamber of Commerce and who also wrote stories for the popular boys’ magazine Scramble.

David hasn’t talked with his gran about the letter, fearing the distress it would cause.

He added: “She has to pay the balance because she has over £23,000 and we’ll need to sell her house.

“I’ve explained to the council I’m four weeks away from getting power of attorney, but they won’t co-operate.”

“The system is broken and corrupt. Over the last few years she has been handed from person to person with no overall plan or strategy to suit her best interests.”

A spokesman for LBC stated: “We have spoken to Mr Gore on a number of occasions since January and confirmed on 30 April and 5 May that as he is progressing a power of attorney application, no further action will be taken at this time.”

However Mr Gore hit back and said: “They haven’t confirmed that verbally, or in writing. I’ve no doubt that this is the stance they’ve taken only after your paper has intervened to write a story.

“They said that they could make notes on the system but their hands were tied.”