A visit from John Hegley to celebrate National Poetry Day


Poet comedian John Hegley visited Ashcroft High School on Monday, October 5, to celebrate National Poetry Day.

He performed in the school’s theatre to the Year 7 audience and worked with two classes from Year 8.

John, who is also a musician, grew up in Luton and is a life-long Hatters fan.

Sue Yates, the school’s Learning Resource Centre manager, said: “The students loved it, particularly when John sang his poetry and played an instrument to accompany it, he reminds me of Jack Dee as he is quite dead pan.

“He entertained the students with tales of windy dogs and unusual birds and inspired the older students to write poems as a group and in pairs.

“The students appreciated his schoolboy humour!”

John Hegley is recognised as one of the UK’s most innovative and popular comic poets.

His work ranges from comparing his dog to a carrot, to childhood memories of family relationships.

To read some of his poems, visit: www.johnhegley.co.uk.