Advice on tackling honey bee swarms

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Do you have a swarm of honeybees?

The honeybee season, like the Spring, is very late this year. The first swarms of honeybees have just been reported, so it is important to know what to do if you find a swarm, according to the Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association.

Honeybees prepare themselves for several days before swarming, by gorging themselves on honey stores. When they’re full of food, they are pretty docile.

Do not try to dislodge them or throw stones at them. That will cause them to get angry, and stings may happen.

The association keeps an up to date list on their website of beekeepers who are happy to come and collect swarms, and will pass them onto beginner beekeepers.

Try and find a beekeeper who lives as local to you as possible.

But there may be occasions when the beekeeper will not be able to rescue the swarm such as bees being in chimneys, loft spaces, ventilation systems, high up in trees etc. Pest control companies will be able to help you, and they will do their very best to save the colony if it is possible.

The Association do not charge for this service, but you could offer the beekeeper an amount to cover fuel costs. You can also make a donation to beekeeping charities.