Barnfield College to split from Academy Trust

Barnfield College
Barnfield College

The board of Barnfield College and the board of Barnfield Academy Trust will legally separate and create two independent organisations, it has been confirmed this morning.

The decision means that Barnfield College, on New Bedford Road, will become its own entity separate from academies dotted around Luton.

The move, which requires a sign off from the Department for Education, will see each organisation appoint their own chief executive.

It is expected that the split will take effect from ‘early November’.

A spokesperson said: “This decision was not taken lightly but only after several months of deliberation.

“We believe it is in the best interest of both Barnfield College and the Barnfield Academy Trust.

“Barnfield College and the academies are planning to continue to work together to share expertise and build on the achievements of the last few years.

“Students and their families will notice little difference as the legal changes will affect only governance and top level management arrangements.”

The spokesperson added that funding agencies ‘played no part’ in the decision.