Culture on the timetable at Lea Manor

Lea Manor Year 8 pupils take part in the Diverse Britain Project
Lea Manor Year 8 pupils take part in the Diverse Britain Project

School will never be the same again . . . for four hours on Friday, Year 8 students skipped their usual timetable to take part in a unique initiative.

The Diverse Britain Project was masterminded by community interest company Nine Red Presents at Lea Manor.

Classrooms were turned into various regions of the world as the school hosted a variety of community groups from Luton, including the Ghana Society and Irish Forum,

Some morphed into continents – including America, Europe, India and Africa – while others housed cultural arts or featured London 2012 with the Jubilee and Olympics.

Each contained an exhibition, a performance and a workshop.

NRP boss Debra Knight, last year’s Community Awards Winner of Winners, said: “The exhibitions contained artefacts from across the geographical location, such as dolls in national dress and cultural items.

“They also featured printed information consisting of maps, history and culture.

“Workshops were provided by different community organisations and were performance, art or food based.

“In addition there were activities designed to encourage learning in 12 - 13-year-olds.”

The Mayor of Luton, Cllr Syd Knight, was a VIP guest.