Do people in Luton love libraries?

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A Sundon Park resident says closing the area’s library would deprive it of its “one cultural asset”.

Luton Borough Council is currently consulting on cuts to the library service in Luton, asking for views on two proposals, both of which would see the Sundon Park library close.

The library currently has 1,200 ‘active users’, making 32,000 visits a year.

Gerald Serpell-Morris, of Florence Avenue, said: “The library is in a small, well-designed building which has been regularly maintained and is ideal for its purpose.

“In addition to the usual library services it hosts toddler reading groups, individual tuition and occasional exhibitions. Importantly it also allows one to browse.

“The council tax payments from one or two of our streets probably cover its costs but it seems the council are once again determined to close our single cultural asset.”

The council says it is having to look at making cuts across all of its services in order to make savings of £48 million.

But Mr Serpell-Morris said the proposed library cutbacks would “decimate the library service throughout the town”, despite “a greater need than ever to encourage children to develop the habit of reading”.

He added: “One suggestion is that our library could relocate to a community centre. The problem here is that we have never had one.

“As Leagrave Library is also being considered for closure it would appear anyone wanting a proper library would have to go to Marsh Farm, a really attractive prospect in bad weather for a pensioner or for a mother with a toddler.”