Encouraging good school attendance

Wissem Tiraa, first prize winner, on his bike
Wissem Tiraa, first prize winner, on his bike

Whitefield Primary school have developed an incentive scheme to encourage good attendance.

Every week the school celebrates which class has the best attendance.

The winning pupils get to keep the attendance bear for the week and receive a certificate and five minutes of extra play.

Each half term any child who has had 95 per cent attendance or more receives a raffle ticket.

At the end of the school year, three names are picked and awarded first, second and third prizes.

These prizes are a bike, scooter and £20 voucher.

Wissem Tiraa was one of the lucky winners, he won a bike.

Jamie Pardon, school headteacher, said: “We want to give the children a clear message that every day matters and every day counts.

“Pupils need to attend school regularly to get the most from their education.

“For the past three years, pupils’ attendance has been at 93 per cent, however our incentive scheme has had positive results with pupils overall attending school 94.6 per cent of the time.”