Going back to school to advise

Past and present students from Challney High School for Girls met at an event as part of a national programme run by the education charity, Future First.

Former students, who are part of the Alumni Association, went back to school to talk to current students and their parents about their career paths and the skills necessary to succeed in work.

The programme sets up a network of former students who then stay connected with the school to support future generations.

Former student Lubna Ahmed, now in her final year at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “The reason why I wanted to support my high school is because my five years at Challney High School were the best. I grew as a person and was able to mature as an individual.

“Challney gave me all the opportunities and support I needed to build the foundation that I would take with me into further education. I now want to inspire others to be successful in all they do.”

More than 230 former students have joined the Challney Girls’ Alumni Association.

Headteacher Shirley Havard said: “We often use the phrase ‘there is no ceiling on potential’ and the Alumni group are making this a reality for our students by recounting their personal experiences and determination, which often affects our students to keep going and aim higher.

“Our girls have a huge amount of potential and the School appreciates the involvement with Future First to help us turn this potential into reality.

“We are very impressed with the organisation and feel that they are having a positive impact on the School.”