It’s a bright idea to help Ganaya

Colourful fundraising
Colourful fundraising

A Luton school is playing its part in a £30,000 fundraising drive to pay for potentially life-changing surgery for one of its students.

As reported in last week’s Luton News, Ganaya Parmar, five, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2011. She is unable to walk or stand unaided as it causes severe tightness in her leg muscles.

Team G

Team G

Great Ormond Street has said they can carry out a spinal operation, but the huge sum needs to be raised as the operation isn’t available on the NHS.

Friday saw the first of Bramingham Primary’s four non-uniform days, organised by pupils dubbed ‘Team G’.

A spokesman said: “We are a team of six children who are fundraising to raise money for a child at Bramingham in Early Years. Ganaya has the chance of an operation costing £30,000 which will give her a really good chance of walking without the help of her walking frame, and will mean she may no longer need her wheelchair. Ganaya has a condition called Cerebal Palsy. It is a new operation and is usually done in America.

“Great Ormond Street have agreed to carry out the operation. We want to help her family raise the £30,000 as it is not funded by the NHS.

“As part of the fundraising team we have organised ‘Fundraising Fridays’ where there is a different theme per Friday for a month. Last week’s theme was Wacky and Wonderful, Bright and Colourful which raised £526.65

“Team G picked a pupil winner and a teacher winner, and two runners up. All children made such a good effort in dressing up.”

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