Lealands High School cleared after ‘bullying’ investigation

A secondary school head has admitted that a probe into claims of bullying and intimidation proved to be ‘very difficult and upsetting’.

Luton Borough Council has cleared Lealands High School of any wrongdoing after a teacher at the school made claims that bullying and intimidation of staff is widespread.

It was also alleged that staff had been dismissed unfairly and that school funds were being spent improperly.

However LBC has found that procedures were correctly followed and that “the evidence reviewed does not support any of the allegations raised by the whistle blower.”

During the investigation the council interviewed school staff, reviewed responses from the anonymous complainant and compiled a review of the school’s policies and procedures.

Lealands head John Burridge revealed his relief at conclusion of the probe.

He said: “The past few months have been a very difficult and upsetting time for the school and me, personally. It is very unfortunate that someone felt it necessary to pursue this course of action, but respect their right to do so.”

He added: “Now that the investigation is concluded, I hope that we can continue to move forward and focus on being the best school we can be.”