Lealands High School digs deep for Africa

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Tanzanian teacher Edward Ntungi made a flying visit to Luton to accept a donation from Lealands High School pupils who’d held two fundraisers to improve facilities at his school, Sazira Secondary.

Mr Ntungi’s first visit last September struck a chord with students who realised how much they took for granted and how lucky they were compared with their African counterparts.

They decided to help out in any way they could and raised £254.88 through a dodgeball festival and collecting coppers and coins.

Mr Ntungi, who was in England for four days, said: “We are so grateful for this donation. We will use it to deepen our water hole as the current one is too shallow and keeps drying up.

“With a deeper hole we will be able to maintain the water supply to the school”.

He also spent time with humanities department students telling them how Sazira Secondary School was developing with Lealands’ help and sponsorship.

He said: “In the last year, we have been able to build a porridge stove to provide breakfast for our students.

“They now also have volleyball equipment, including nets and balls, whereas previously the school had virtually no sports equipment.”

The two schools are part of the British Council’s ‘Connecting Classrooms’ programme. It has been mutually beneficial for Sazira and Lealands, who have had a unique opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures.