Let’s talk about law: students are inspired

Sukh Sani from Pictons and Stopsley High School students
Sukh Sani from Pictons and Stopsley High School students

The library at Stopsley High School was packed out with eager year 10 and 11 students when Sthe managing partner of a Luton law firm gave an inspiring career’s talk last week.

Sukh Saini, of Pictons, who has been practising law for 15 years, explained to his captivated audience all the different roles that are available in a law firm.

Those aspiring to work in the legal profession became aware of the many opportunities that are available, even if they don’t get the qualifications to become a solicitor.

Sukh said: “I was delighted that we had such a great turn out of students keen to come into the legal profession. Apart from the importance of studying at school, it was useful to let them know that work experience and supporting the community are just as important to us at Pictons as getting good grades. The wider range of work experience young people have had the better. One of our recent best candidates had worked in a betting shop and assumed she wouldn’t be right. Actually, it was the opposite. We want people with non legal work experience as you need a varied set of skills in a law firm, especially good communication and people skills.”