Ofsted marks progress made at Barnfield College

Barnfield College
Barnfield College

Steady improvements are being made across the board at Barnfield College, Ofsted has said.

Following a monitoring visit of the college, inspectors have said that Barnfield is on the road to recovery and that changes are beginning to take shape.

In January the college was branded ‘inadequate’ in a cataclysmic report which concluded that Barnfield had no strengths whatsoever.

Since then new principal Tim Eyton-Jones has launched his three-year development plan, which includes the intention to sell off both campuses in favour of a move to central Luton.

Significant changes are also being seen in the college’s classrooms, Ofsted has said.

In a report of the monitoring visit, published on Friday, inspectors reserved special praise for students, whose behaviour and attendance has ‘improved considerably’.

The report read: “In 2014/15, the proportion of learners who achieved their qualifications improved by about six percentage points.

“The improvements made in the management of learners helped teachers and managers to focus on supporting learners to achieve, despite a poor start to the academic year.”

The report concludes that ‘reasonable progress’ has been made in every other area measured.

It adds that it is still too early to see the results of a number of overhauls made to learning over the last six months.

In response to the report Mr Eyton-Jones said: “We are very pleased with the results of the latest monitoring visit by Ofsted. They have picked up the improvements that we have made and witnessed the very real progress that our learners are making.

“We are particularly proud that the behaviour and conduct of students was recognised as significant progress.”

He added: “There is still a lot of work left to do and we will be maintaining the current pace of change until our transformation plan has been achieved.”