Praise for attacked school lollipop man

Parents of Chantry Primary Academy pupils have been praised for helping their lollipop man when he was assaulted by a member of the public on Thursday morning.

The headteacher, Cori Bateman, has applauded the behaviour of the parents and Jason, the school crossing patroller. A driver overtook cars waiting at the ‘Stop’ sign and tried to get the patroller to move. When he refused, the driver got out of the car and pushed him.

Mrs Bateman said: “The way the parents reacted to the situation was great.

“I am proud to work in a community which is as supportive as Lewsey and with people as committed as Jason.

“The parents came into school on Friday and gave him a card and chocolates. It was a lovely gesture and he was overwhelmed by the response he has got, in his eyes he was just doing his job.”

A spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: “We were called at approximately 8.50am on Thursday with reports of an altercation between a lollipop man and another man on Tomlinson Avenue in Luton. Officers attended and spoke to the two men involved but no further action was needed.

“Both of the men, including the victim, were satisfied with the action that police took on the day so we will not be taking the case any further.”

Jason is employed by Luton Borough Council.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Our school crossing patrol was standing in the middle of road assisting parents and children to cross the road safely.

“Cars had stopped, however one car then attempted to drive through the patrol.

“The patrol was assaulted by the motorist but thankfully unhurt.

“The police did attend the incident and we are now awaiting the outcome of their investigation.

“Motorists are legally bound by the 1984 Road Traffic Act to stop for school crossing patrols and drivers who fail to do so could risk a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points on their licence.

“The Council will not tolerate this irresponsible and dangerous behaviour which is putting the lives of children, parents and school crossing patrols at risk and we will do everything we can to ensure appropriate action is taken against motorists who break the law.

“Last month, a driver was prosecuted for failing to stop for a patrol on Blundell Road , the driver received a fine and three penalty points.”