Preferential treatment claims

University of Bedfordshire
University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire has been cleared of claims that some students were given preferential treatment.

The Quality Assurance Agency cleared the University, following an investigation into claims that a number of sponsored overseas students were given special treatment.

The investigation monitors and advises on standards and quality in UK higher education.

It concluded that none of the allegations, about a breach in Academic Regulations and preferential treatment for some sponsored students in 2012, could be upheld.

Bill Rammell, vice chancellor of the University, said: “We are pleased to have been completely cleared by the QAA, and that they have concluded there is no evidence to support the allegations which we regarded as vexatious and malicious.

“The University has never permitted the preferential treatment of students by virtue of their nationality or course of study, and we were always confident the QAA would conclude there was no substance to the allegations.

“The University applies its regulations consistently and fairly, and allows exceptions only in special circumstances, such as when students could be seriously disadvantaged. Exceptions are not made because of nationality.”

The allegations were investigated by the University in 2014, it found they were without substance.

The University concluded that improvements were needed in the way that some of its Academic Regulations were documented and students informed, and it instigated a comprehensive review.

The reviewed regulations came into force in September 2014.