Pupils get help from international company

Year 11 ICT students, Neil Spicer, Dame Yasmin Bevant and Saifi Aftab
Year 11 ICT students, Neil Spicer, Dame Yasmin Bevant and Saifi Aftab

Denbigh High School students plan to build a computer from scratch, with the help of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a multinational semiconductor company.

The school’s new Teaching and Learning leader for Computering, Mr Saifi Aftab, took to Twitter to contact companies for their support for the project. 
AMDs vice president of Global Channel Sales, was happy to help the school, he put them in touch with the Head of Channel Sales for Europe, Neil Spicer, based in Aylesbury.
They donated a processor, motherboard and graphics card, and met the students.
Mr Aftab said: “AMD have been absolutely fantastic. The support that we have received from them has been unbelievable and the students learned a lot from their presentation.
“We hope that this can be a continued partnership so that we can undertake even greater projects in the future.”
Mr Spicer said: “We were really pleased to be able to support such a great opportunity.

“Mr Aftab demonstrated just how powerful social media can be and we relished the chance to support such an initiative, I’m looking forward to seeing the PC build evolve over the next few months!”

Mr Aftab added: “It has not only been valuable in teaching the students about computing and building computers, but also about the importance of social media and how this can be used as a powerful tool to connect with the outside world.”

Since the visit AMD have also sent in some RAM modules and one of their latest Solid State Drives as well.

The students will be building the ultimate PC and will be posting updates on the build through the school’s Twitter account.

When the PC is made, it will be used to teach students how to install operating systems and optimise computers, how to troubleshoot problems and the importance of having the latest drivers installed.

There is also the opportunity to teach students about advanced computer building such as water cooling and case modifying, valuable, real world skills that students can apply to their own personal interests and careers.