School dinners on the menu for cultural swap

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You are what you eat was the lesson for youngsters at Denbigh Primary school in Luton after they partnered with schools from Europe.

As part of eTwinning, the school joined with schools in Italy, Poland and France in a project comparing school dinners across the countries.

This involved a number of subjects including geography, maths, literacy and some foreign language learning.

As part of the celebrations for eTwinning’s 10th anniversary pupils received a pack that included t-shirts for all pupils, logo-bugs, eTwinning books, pens and other etwinning stationary.

Pupils had prepared country presentations, maps and posters and celebrated with a special party with dances and foods from different countries.

Gosia Hirst,International Coordinator at the school said how much the staff and pupils had enjoyed taking part in the project.

“It truly enriched the learning experience for the pupils and had broadened their understanding and knowledge of Europe in a much more exciting way than just reading and researching from books,” she said.

eTwinning aims to develop knowledge and understanding of European cultures and languages and help young people gain skills for their future.