Shamiam gets top marks at school

Shamiam Arif has fun at Gulliversland with her family
Shamiam Arif has fun at Gulliversland with her family

Fiesty Luton burns survivor Shamiam Arif has received a glowing annual report from Foxdell Junior School.

Teachers said she was a pleasure to teach, a role model to other children and a popular member of her class,

Her proud parents Mohammed and Tahira shared the news with the Herald&Post and said they were thrilled that their courageous little girl had done so well, in spite of the serious injuries she suffered when a candle fell in her cot when she was a baby.

The 10-year-old tomboy has to wear a helmet to protect her delicate skull which was burned to the lining of her brain. She also lost both hands as a result of the blaze.

Shamiam’s class teacher praised her positive ‘can do ‘ attitude and the fact that she takes part in all lessons.

She said: “She loves to learn and always hands in her homework on time.

“She has a wonderful group of friends and is making great progress in maths, ICT and French.”

Shamiam faces major surgery early next year when she will have a titanium plate fitted in her head at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.