Southfield Primary pupils switch roles

Southfields Primary school takeover
Southfields Primary school takeover

Southfield Primary pupils were given the opportunity to experience school life on the other side, as part of their Takeover Week. They took on over 30 different jobs, some were teachers and office assistants, others were family workers and learning mentors.

Pupils had to apply for the job and were interviewed by the school council.

Emma O’Brien, a Year 6 pupil, said: “I learned that teachers put hard work and effort into every lesson even though you might not think they do. They try and make it fun.”

The school council took over the assembly at the end of the week to highlight what had been happening during the week, using photos, videos and interviews with pupils.

Marilyn Redfern, Southfield Primary School headteacher, said: “It was lovely to see how well the children participated in their new roles. Children talked with confidence and enthusiasm about their involvement.

“They gained new skills and enjoyed finding out more about how our school operates and how decisions are made.

“It was good to see the school values being put into practice.”