Steering their way to success

Putteridge pupils with driving instructor Jeremy Bateman
Putteridge pupils with driving instructor Jeremy Bateman

It was a wheel success story for 10 Putteridge High pupils who excelled in their work experience placements.

The Year 8 group were rewarded with a 30 minute driving lesson during which they learned how to move off, brake, steer through cones and negotiate a mini roundabout.

Putteridge careers guidance team leader Mary Jankiewicz said: “The event took place in the school car park so the local community was totally safe.
“All the students had been really excited since finding out they’d been selected and considering none of them had any driving experience, they were extremely confident and showed no signs of nerves.

“They’d all worked so hard and this was our way of rewarding them.”

Fifteen-year-old Anita Brahimi said: “It was awesome.”

Fellow pupil Nicholas Mallett added: “I was nervous and excited but it was a brilliant experience.”

Jeremy Bateman of Leading Light School of Motoring said: “The soooner young people learn about road safety, the more likely they are to be good drivers.”