Top marks in science for six Luton schools

Six schools awarded Primary science quality mark
Six schools awarded Primary science quality mark

Six Luton schools have been awarded the nationally recognised Primary Science Quality Mark.

The science coordinators from Denbigh Primary, Pirton Hill Primary, Sundon Park Junior, The Meads Primary, Downside Primary and William Austin Infant were presented with the award by Simon Mayo, author of three science adventure books for children.

The award aims to raise the profile of science amongst young children, using their natural curiosity to excite and engage them.

To achieve the award the schools had to undertake a year-long programme focussing on specific goals.

During the programme children were encouraged to plan experiments and other investigations to find answers to their own questions.

Councillor Waheed Akbar said: “The Primary Science Quality Mark is making a real difference to the quality of science teaching in Luton.

“Not only are our schools developing our future scientist but they are also preparing all our children to live in a world where science and technology will play an increasingly important role.”

Eight schools in Luton have achieved this award.