UPDATE: Sick pupils may have taken “legal high”

The headteacher of a Luton school where six pupils were taken to hospital has said they may have taken a “legal high”.

Ambulance were called shortly after 8.30am this morning to Lealands High School, where six pupils had fallen ill.

They are understood to have been together taking part in the same activity before coming in to school. All six were taken to Luton & Dunstable hospital but some are now understood to have been discharged.John Burridge, headteacher of Lealands High School, said: “We first became aware of this when one of these students attended the medical room on arrival at school. We immediately contacted the ambulance service and then it emerged that other students were suffering similar symptoms.

“At this stage we are not certain of the cause of their symptoms, however we understand from Bedfordshire Police that they believe the teenagers had taken a ‘legal high’ early in the morning before coming to school. We have advised all pupils about the incident and have offered support if they have any concerns, however we are not aware that any other students are affected.

“All pupils were discharged earlier today in the care of their parents.”