VIDEO: School teachers protest to save childrens education

Teachers gathered at Market hill yesterday to take part in the action against the government.

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) shouted: “Save education, get Gove out.”

Teachers strike at Market Hill

Teachers strike at Market Hill

Bodrul Amin, divisional secretary for Luton NUT, said: “We are here today to defend our pay, pensions and working conditions.

“We do not feel the governments policy is benefiting children.

“We regret the inconvenience it has caused to parents and pupils but they need to realise that if we do not act now then the education system will suffer.”

David Mingay, a teacher from Richmond Hill, said: “I’m striking to save education, this government has destroyed it, they have put unqualified teachers in the classrooms and cut hours for qualified teachers, the government won’t listen, so we are left with no option.”

Many schools closed causing disruption to childrens education and some parents had to take the day off work.