The Max factor helping to keep Luton's streets clean

Machine can be used to target areas for a deep clean

By Lynn Hughes
Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 10:38 am

A powerful new vacuuming machine launched in Luton town centre has been making the streets cleaner for businesses and visitors.

The professional MaxVac vacuum cleaner, which has been funded by Luton Business Improvement District (BID) until 2025, uses a lengthy nozzle and sweeper to blitz hard-to-reach litter, cigarette butts and chewing gum from pavement cracks and kerbsides.

The machine will be operated by Luton Council as part of the wider town centre partnership and will supplement their existing cleaning services to carry out even more efficient and safe cleaning in the town centre, over and above their statutory services.

The new machine designed to clean Luton's streets

Julia Horsman, Luton BID project manager, says the investment is about improving the town centre and making it cleaner every day for workers and visitors for years to come.

“The MaxVac means additional services and targeted street cleaning across our town centre and is all part of our business plan as a BID to make our town centre more attractive and welcoming,” she said.

“We have previously funded a cleaning machine but that came to the end of its natural life, so this is a new one that will help Luton Council to keep the town centre tidy and clean, and if businesses are aware of particular areas that need focusing on, we can direct the machine to target those areas.

“It’s a true partnership arrangement for the benefit of our town centre.”

The MaxVac machine is a newer model than the one used in the town centre for the last six years and will be even more effective at cleaning the difficult-to-reach corners, alleys, footpaths, and streets.