Exclusive: Luton baby Rishan born in the fast lane of the M1

Kanta and Amit Pau with their children, Radha, 7, Radhika, 2, and four-day-old Rishan
Kanta and Amit Pau with their children, Radha, 7, Radhika, 2, and four-day-old Rishan

When four-day-old baby Rishan Pau grows up, he’ll have a funny time telling people his place of birth.

Born on Sunday morning over two weeks early, Rishan is a very special Christmas present to his parents who came as a surprise...

That’s because he was born in a silver Honda as it went bombadeering down the M1 on the way to Watford.

Mum Kanta Pau, 41, said: “It was on the day before, I had pains in the evening and it was just like the early stages of labour.

“We thought it was a false alarm.”

Kanta and husband Amit, 39, had only recently moved to their home at Brooklands Close in Luton, and decided to head to the maternity unit in Watford where Kanta had received care previously.

“We thought we’d go to Watford Hospital,” Kanta explained. “By the time we were leaving, the pain had got worse. We got on to the motorway and just after junction 10 on the M1 ... well, I kind of gave birth.”

Businessman Amit said: “All of a sudden, Kanta said ‘Oh the baby is coming’.

“I was just going past junction 10 of the M1 and then she said, ‘the baby’s come out’.

“I said, ‘you’re joking’ and I put my hand down and could feel this baby’s leg.”

A shocked Amit immediately pulled over on to the hard shoulder and called 999.

The couple’s two daughters, Radha, 7, and Radhika, 2, watched curiously from the back seat.

Kanta said: “The cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. My husband grabbed the cord and dialled 999. He listened as the call handler guided him through. ”

Amit added: “She said to hold on to the cord and keep the baby warm.

“I did panic but obviously I had to keep it together because my wife was in pain and my two girls were in the car.”

After ambulance arrived, baby Rishan was safely delivered weighing 5lbs and 13oz and Amit cut the umbilical cord.

But the surprise birth amazed everyone at Luton & Dunstable Hospital, where the couple then went.

Kanta said: “Everybody was so shocked and one of the consultants at the hospital said, “I saw the silver Honda and the ambulance on the motorway and wondered what was going on.”

Amit added: “It was an amazing experience and our two girls were fantastic, they kept laughing about it.

“My older daughter jokes that he’s the M1 baby born in the silver Honda.”

As well as his two sisters, Rishan has also been welcomed by older brother Raja, 22, from his mum’s first marriage. The tiny tot has his naming ceremony tomorrow.