Faiths join together for Baha’i Naw Ruz

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The Luton Bahá’i Community celebrated their Naw Ruz (New Year) on Saturday March 21 at the Chaul End Centre.

Nearly 100 guests, including Mr Kelvin Hopkins and representatives of some other Faiths attended.

It was a night of celebration with a devotional and musical interlude for the whole family followed by Persian style buffet and socialising.

Bahá’is believe that the foundation of all religions is the same.

The reason we have different religions is because God’s message to Mankind is in the form of a progressive and unfolding destiny.

Each new Prophet takes religion to the next stage, while bringing social teachings applicable to the time of their manifestation.

The Bahá’i Faith teaches about equality and the concordance of Religion with science while seeing the Earth is but One Country & Mankind its Citizens.