Fears pond fence ‘not safe enough’

SAFETY WORRIES: Jenny Davies and Diane Moles at the balancing pond
SAFETY WORRIES: Jenny Davies and Diane Moles at the balancing pond

Concerns about a ‘dangerous’ pond behind the new Inspire swimming pool have been dismissed by Luton Borough Council.

Councillors Jenny Davies and Diane Moles visited the balancing pond after concerns were raised by a Stopsley resident that it was too easily accessible.

“The pond is deep, has very steep sides and the fencing is inadequate; any child could easily get through,” said Mrs Davies.

“Once inside, they could slip and have difficulty getting out.”

Balancing ponds in urban areas temporarily store water during heavy rainfall to prevent flooding.

Mrs Davies said she had contacted the council and a sign had been put up warning of deep water.

“Small children cannot read,” she said. “The pond would inevitably be an attraction to children playing in the park and we really think that something should be done to ensure that they do not have access.

“None of us want to be saying, at some tragic time in the future, ‘We told you so’.”

A council spokeswoman said high security fencing could be seen as a challenge by vandals, and that the pond being visible meant any problems would be spotted more quickly.

But she added: “We will be incorporating some more landscaping to deter intrusion into the site over the next few weeks and will regularly review the situation.”