Fergi savaged by two dogs on busy Luton street while their owner '˜stood by and watched'

A Luton dog walker was left in disbelief, as he claims his pet Shih Tzu was savaged in a 'deliberate' attack.

Thursday, 13th September 2018, 4:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th September 2018, 4:08 pm
Fergi has puncture wounds and is now nervous when going out.
Fergi has puncture wounds and is now nervous when going out.

Tony Sharpstone, 59, was walking his dog, Fergi, along Leicester Road on Tuesday, September 4, at 3.10pm when he alleges that another dog walker with two large breeds on the other side of the road suddenly crossed over, heading towards them.

He claims the two large dogs then started biting Fergi, who was squealing in pain, while their owner just stood silently and watched.

Tony claims: “The man just walked straight across the road, straight at my dog, almost with a smirk across his face and his dogs got hold of Fergi.I was just bashing them with an extendable lead. People came rushing across from the Leicester Arms.

“Somebody managed to get my dog away from his and when all these other people came rushing over he walked swiftly off with his dogs. He never uttered a word!

“It felt like forever - in reality it was a couple of minutes.”

Passers by gave Tony and blood-soaked Fergi a lift to vets4pets, Gipsy Lane, and Fergi had to have surgery - mostly to repair muscle in his back left leg.

Tony would like to thank kind passers-by Dianne, Tracey, Sarah, Ingrid, Jackie and Lisa, as well as anyone else who helped at the scene.

He concluded: “The vets are pleased with Fergi’s recovery so far.

“It’s going to be a long job and the major part is going to be the mental scars. He is very wary when we go out and at the moment he can - and prefers to - only walk short distances and very slowly.

“Any time he speeds up, he lifts his back leg up and starts to hop.

“I get very emotional thinking about what happened.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman, said: “Two larger dogs, described as bull mastiffs or boxer dogs, were out of control and have attacked a smaller dog before running off down Leicester Road.

“The larger dogs’ owner is described as an Asian male in his early 20s and of slim build, wearing a grey tracksuit.”

Visit the online reporting centre or call 101, quoting: 40/22719/18.