'˜Filth and horror' at High Town estate

Drug-dealing, prostitution, arson and defecating on doorsteps '“ desperate residents living on a High Town estate are pleading for help solving its problems.

Thursday, 30th March 2017, 7:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:35 pm
Paths estate, High Town

For years, prostitution and drugs woes have blighted High Town and now residents say the problems at the paths estate are only getting worse.

One worried resident said: “We’re still seeing lots of junkies, there’s a pimp going around screaming with his prostitutes. Nearly every night you’re woken up.

“You report it to the police but then after a while, you come away feeling it’s not worth reporting.”

In Butterworth Path, drug-dealing is said to occur within stairwells. One woman living on the Path estate reported faeces dumped on her doorstep, while another reported two incidents of fires started in a stairwell directly outside her front door.

Another resident said: “We’re living in a cesspit of filth and horror. Now that fences have gone up, prostitutes use them to hide behind with their clients.

“I know a lady who woke up to find her garden littered with condoms, it’s disgusting.”

In another high-profile incident, a taxi driver was brutally attacked by a gang at Elgar Path on Sunday, January 29, suffering a headwound after he was slashed with a knife.

And a third resident reported drug-dealing taking place behind homes in Berkeley Path.

A Luton Borough Council spokesman said: “The behaviours described are totally unacceptable. As part of our continuing strategy to deal with anti-social behaviour we are working with the police to target specific issues which we have identified as being of concern to the Luton community, such as anti-social behaviour in and around

the town centre.

“Whenever residents voice their concerns we will investigate the issue, deal with any illegal activity and work with our partners to resolve them in an appropriate manner.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman added: “The Luton-based Op Sentinel team are aware of the issues regarding the on- and off- street sex trade and associated criminality and anti-social behaviour in the High Town area of Luton.

“The team conducts regular targeted night-time patrols in this area and responds to issues of concern raised by the community.

“Anyone who experiences anti-social or criminal behaviour in their neighbourhood is urged to report information, which can be used by the teams as vital intelligence. Call 101 to speak to the Luton Op Sentinel team.”