From Dunstable to LA

Two years ago, Jade-Lorna Sullivan was living with her mum and sister in Dunstable and planning to read politics and Eastern European studies at university.

Former Dunstable girl Jade-Lorna Sullivan struts her stuff in LA
Former Dunstable girl Jade-Lorna Sullivan struts her stuff in LA

Today the 23-year-old has a home in the Hollywood Hills and a CV to die for. And a decision to defer her degree so she could concentrate on some fun campaigns has led to an astonishingly successful career.

Jade-Lorna starting dancing and acting in music vidoes and commercials when she was 15.

She says: “I began working on some really exciting projects and was being represented by 16 different London agencies.

“When I was 18, I was offered the chance to dance and choreograph Roxy Music’s world tour which turned into two world tours and lasted three years.

“If I’d taken up my university place, I would have spent a year in Russia as part of the course.

“Instead I travelled all over Eastern Europe as a dancer and even performed at Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday party.”

Jade-Lorna says there’s enough politics in showbusiness to keep her entertained and she now sees herself as a brand and a business: “I’ve worked with names like Taylor Swift, Nike and Sir Paul McCartney. I’m also the girl from the Money Supermarket ‘epic strut’ commercial which was actually shot in Los Angeles.”

She loves the California life and pumpkin pie: “But I miss full English breakfasts, Cadbury’s chocolate and of course my Mum.”

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