Gate will help keep street alleyway tidy

A man from Luton is calling for businesses on Castle Street to support him in his bid to get a gate put on an alleyway to stop anti-social behaviour.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 12:00 pm
Richie wants to get a gate at the entrance of the alley

Richie Gedall, managing agent working on behalf of Myestate which rents out properties in Edwardian Court where the alleyway runs alongside, has been trying to get a gate put on the alleyway to stop the consistent problems facing residents and businesses.

He hopes by raising awareness of the problems he can get people to support his campaign, he wants to get a gate erected at the front of the alley and he will control and maintain it.

He said: “There’s an alley between the NHS walk-in centre and Jennings betting shop.It is full of pot holes, there is rubbish dumped everywhere, bins in front of people’s doors, drug taking and people urinating in the alley. For three years I’ve been trying to get businesses along the road to sign up to get a gate put up. I will maintain it and connect it to a power supply that I will fund.

Rubbish down the alley

“All I am asking is for the people who park in the alley pay £20 a month, that will pay for the gate, the maintenance, the running costs, the insurance, to tidy up the area and to fill the pot holes. A gate at the front of the alley will stop people from going down there. Luton Council cannot help as it’s private property, but we can make the changes and make Luton look better.”

NHS Property Services holds a head-lease to Luton Town Centre Surgery on behalf of the NHS and sub-lets to NHS tenants, it does not occupy the building, which is next to the alley.

A spokesman for NHSPS said: “We are aware of the proposal to put a gate across the alley and discussions with the tenants and the owner of the building are ongoing.”

Rubbish bins in the alley that Richie wants to get a gate at the entrance of
Pot holes in the alley that Richie wants to get a gate at the entrance of