Give siblings a loving home


Luton council is supporting National Adoption week (3-9 November) which is focusing on encouraging more people to adopt siblings.

Brothers and sisters who want to stay together will usually have to wait the longest for a family to adopt them.

In Luton, there are 19 children who are part of a sibling group waiting to be adopted.

Ken and his wife decided to adopt two sisters as they felt that two children would bring their home to life and keep each other entertained, and they did not want to see them separated.

Ken said: ““We met the girls shortly after attending a final adoption panel where approval to adopt them was granted. This in itself was highly emotional.

“We experienced a whirlwind of feelings when we met the girls for the very first time. “This was then followed by a two-week induction process where the girls gradually diverted attention away from their foster carers to us.

“It was heart-warming to see them getting closer to us day by day.

“Our lives are now fulfilled. The children are happy and thriving and our quality of life has improved as our focus and priorities have changed.”

To adopt, you must be over 21, have lots of patience, be flexible and energetic, you do not have to be married, be in a relationship or heterosexual.

For more information, call 01582 54 78 04.