Gliding charity champions fundraising soars

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A trainee glider pilot whose plane was struck by lightning 10 years ago, will get back in a glider next week for the first time since the accident to raise charity cash.

Graeme Cooper has kept his feet firmly on the ground since the bolt hit his glider which had flown out of London Gliding Club at Dunstable Downs.

At the time, Graeme was on a training exercise with instructor Peter Goldstraw. Both pilots parachuted to safety, with Graeme escaping unhurt and Peter suffering minor injuries.

Now the pair have decided to get back in a glider together on Saturday, April 18, to mark 10 years since the last flight to raise cash for Parkinson's Disease Society - and they have already raised 1,000.

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One week later, on Saturday, April 25, The London Gliding Club will be flying 25 people who have volunteered to loop-the-loop in a glider.

The daredevils looping with no engine are hoping to raise cash for charity Hope And Aid Direct to support a convoy of lorries taking aid to Kosovo in October.