Google visits Luton school to boost kids' online safety

Pupils at a Luton Primary School recently had a visit from Google to boost their online security and education.

Google visits Maidenhall Primary School. Photo by Parentzone
Google visits Maidenhall Primary School. Photo by Parentzone

Google visited Maidenhall Primary School to highlight Be Internet Legends, an educational programme aimed at seven to 11-year-olds to help them be safe and confident online.

The company launched the programme after they conducted research with more than 200 teachers to learn about their experience with online safety in the classroom. They found that many teachers felt that learning about online safety should be part of the curriculum.

To help teachers educate their pupils about studying safe online, Google launched Be Internet Legends in partnership with family safety experts Parent Zone, and is accredited by the PSHE association.

Children will learn about staying safe online through online platforms, workshops, teaching resources, assemblies.

Pupils at the Luton school were taught the five key pillars, Be “internet sharp” – think before you share, Be “internet alert” – check it’s for real, Be “internet secure” – protect your stuff, Be “internet kind” – respect each other and Be “internet brave” – when in doubt, discuss.

They were also shown Interland, an adventure game to make learning about online safety fun and informative. They learn about avoiding hackers, phishers and bullies.

Rosie Luff, online safety public policy manager, said: “We are delighted to visit Maidenhall Primary today to help teach children about how to Be Internet Legends.

“By getting acquainted with what we believe are the five core areas of online safety, we want to prepare children to have a safe and positive experience online.”

Vicki Shotbolt, founder and CEO of Parent Zone, said: “It is important that from a young age, children learn to think carefully and critically about what they see and do online.

“Parent Zone teamed with Google to create the Be Internet Legends assembly and educational resources, to teach 7-to-11 year-olds ways be more secure, to think about how they treat others and to share more carefully.

“It also shows them how to spot scams and unkind behaviour, and how to respond if they do. These skills will help children be safer and more confident online.”