Grieving grandmother trying to be strong for her daughter

Grieving grandmother Rabina Imtiaz
Grieving grandmother Rabina Imtiaz

The grieving grandmother of tiny tot Mayah Allehay Shazad – tragically killed after a collison with a bus in Bury Park – is desperately trying to be strong for her family.

But health care assistant Rabina Imtiaz says: “It’s really hard. Mayah was only three and a half . . . she was so sweet and loving and had such a bright future ahead of her.

“I feel numb, dead. There’s a hole in my heart. I can’t drink, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep.

“But my daughter Shazia needs me, she saw exactly what happened.”

Rabina’s face is etched with pain as she tries, fruitlessly, to erase that last memory of her “little princess.”

Her voice breaks as she says: “What I saw, I shouldn’t have seen. To see her brains splattered all over the floor . . . it’s something I can’t describe. Why wasn’t my granddaughter covered?

“She was my baby, my life. She shouldn’t have died like that. It’s a disgrace. This acident shouldn’t have happened.

“We don’t want to blame anyone. But I will do whatever I can to see she gets justice.”

Rabina is incensed that no Arriva representative attended the public meeting about Mayah’s death on Monday, held at Dallow Community Centre.

She says: “They’ve shown no compassion, no sympathy.

“Two days after the accident my daughter still had bruises all over her arm from where the police manhandled her. We took her to the GP but we heard nothing from them at all.

“The first liaison officer they sent was a joke, like Lenny Henry, He didn’t know anything, he had no answers for us.”

Rabina says they’re “working better” with the new liaison officer.

But the death of her beloved granddaughter soon overwhelms her. “Her loss is incomprehensible,” she says. “And the pain I feel indescribable. I have never experienced anything like it.

“She was adorable, the brightest child. She was like a little china doll. But she was fiercely independent and wanted to become a successful nurse, following in the footsteps of her grandmother.

“Now I am left with this heartache that will be with me for the rest of my life.”

> Little Mayah was killed on Friday, August 8.

Arriva suspended bus services in Bury Park after the incident. They were reinstated four days later.

Many businesses also closed as a mark of respect, including Buffet 106.

Owner Tofazzul ‘Toff’ Miah’s daughter went to Chaul End Children’s Nursery, as did Mayah.

He said: “She was such an outging little girl, always smiling.”