Guaranteed rent scheme

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Landlords are being encouraged by the council to sign up to a scheme that will guarantee they are paid rent for 52 weeks of the year.

The private sector leasing scheme is aimed at providing suitable housing for households while they seek settled accommodation. Rent is guaranteed as it is the council that signs the lease as the named tenant and landlords get the added benefit of regular property inspections and checks.

Councillor Tom Shaw said: “This scheme offer landlords peace of mind by guaranteeing them income regardless of whether the property is occupied or not. They will also no longer have to worry about common stresses many landlords face such as rent arrears, defaulting tenants, evictions or court fees.

“By getting more private landlords to add their properties to this scheme, we can tackle homelessness by offering greater choice and more suitable accommodation for families most in need. It also reduces our reliance on bed and breakfast accommodation to temporarily house the most vulnerable of families.”

The properties are fully managed by Council-approved letting agents and any property within a 25 mile radius of Luton is considered.

The scheme is subject to terms and conditions.

If landlords are interested they should contact one of the council’s contracted letting agents, George London Homes Ltd 01582 72 97 77, Omega Lettings Ltd 01582 41 01 02, Poplar Homes Ltd, 01582 42 43 44, Luton Community Housing 01582 43 60 87 or Swift Accommodation Services MK2 2D2 01908 375333/ 01582 732660.