A tribute to the GP that gave so much to medicine

MBE Dr James Tabert
MBE Dr James Tabert

The family of a former Luton GP have paid tribute to him, after he died following a heart attack.

Dr James Tabert was head of the Castle Street practice and was awarded an MBE for services to medicine in Bedfordshire.

He died on August 23, aged 77, at his daughter’s house.

His wife, Pamela Tabert, said: “He has been a very long serving GP in Luton, he loved his job, he gave so much to medicine.

“He was loved by so many people and the cards and sympathies we have received from those who met him have been so kind, his patients have expressed how much they will miss him, he was one of a kind.

“My husband was such a lovely man, very caring, he was also one of the most courageous people I have ever known.

Dr Tabert had two children, Simon and Sarah and three grandchildren.

He had been unwell for a while, suffering from a stroke in May.

Mrs Tabert said: “He had been unwell for quite a while but he never let it get him down, he took everything in his stride and lived life to the full, he really loved life and enjoyed every minute of it and he had a great sense of humour.

“I did not know, but he had written down how he wanted his funeral, he said that he only wanted a few moments of music before they sent his remains to be fertilised, that was his sense of humour coming through, he wanted it to be quiet, just family and close friends and he wanted both his children to play music for him, so they did.”

A bench has been placed in Dr Tabert’s memory in the Lake District in Cumbria, which was one of his favourite places to visit.