Death of woman at Luton and Dunstable Hospital ‘caused by dirty equipment’

Claire Alnutt died of septicaemia at Luton & Dunstable Hospital
Claire Alnutt died of septicaemia at Luton & Dunstable Hospital

The death of a Luton woman at the L&D could have stemmed from a dirty catheter tube which caused septicaemia, it has been claimed.

Claire Alnutt, 28, was taken to the hospital on November 10 after suffering with the effects of what was found to be necrotizing fasciitis– better known as the flesh eating disease.

The batch of food has been withdrawn

The batch of food has been withdrawn

A number of operations followed and after two months plans for Claire’s discharge were made as she recovered.

During a visit Claire’s parents Richard and Anne heard a nurse remark that a catheter tube being used was dirty, though it is claimed nothing was done to correct this.

Two days later Claire stopped breathing and suffered five heart attacks.

She died the next morning.

Medical negligence layer Carole Watts of AshtonKCJ, who is representing the Alnutts, said: “It’s confirmed that Claire died of septicaemia.

“It seems the microbiologist at the hospital had requested that the PICC line should be removed on the Friday before. It wasn’t done.

“A hospital investigation concluded that she should not have been restarted on antibiotics she had used previously.”

An inquest into Claire’s death has been scheduled for October 15.

Carole Watts added: “For the rest, we’ll have to wait for the inquest.

“Following that hearing, we will discuss with Claire’s parents whether there are grounds for pursuing a legal action against the hospital for negligence.”

In a statement her parents said: ‘Our lives and the lives of our family will ever be the same again without Claire.

“All her hopes and dreams for the future with her partner Dave have been taken away.

“We are devastated to lose Claire from an unrelated infection she caught whilst in hospital.”

A hospital spokesperson said: “Luton and Dunstable University Hospital has carried out an extremely thorough investigation into the tragic death of Claire Allnutt and we have offered a full apology to Claire’s family.

“We have also met with Claire’s family and we send them our sincere condolences.

“The hospital is now focussing on providing as much information as possible to assist the coroner with the forthcoming inquest.”