Five-year-old Ganaya can’t wait to surf the waves in Australia

Ganaya (pictured with mother Jayshree) is in need of a potentially life-changing operation
Ganaya (pictured with mother Jayshree) is in need of a potentially life-changing operation

The appeal fund for a little Luton girl who needs an operation to allow her to walk has exceeded its £30,000 target.

Five-year-old Ganaya Parmar’s mum Jayshree, pictured right, said she felt a huge worry had been lifted when she realised they had sufficient funds for the selective dorsal rhizotomy to go ahead at Great Ormond Street Hospital next month.

The earlier Ganaya has the operation the better the outcome her family have been told.

“I felt ecstatic,” she said. “It was so amazing, but also quite emotional – the fact that so many friends and people we didn’t even know had supported us.”

Now the tiny tot who lights up a room with her sunny smile will be able to fulfil her dream of going to Australia and surfing the waves.

Jayshree, 31, of Turnpike Drive, paid heartfelt tribute to the community that has dug deep to make it happen.

She said: “I want to thank everyone who has helped Ganaya towards a new life and independence.

“I feel so privileged. I don’t feel she’s just our daughter, I feel she’s everyone’s daughter.”

Ganaya was born premature and developed necrotising enterocolitis and septicemia when she was five days old.

She’d already endured three major operations at three different hospitals when a scan three years ago revealed she had cerebral palsy.

Jayshree, who also has an older daughter Divashya, 12, and three-year-old son Surya with her husband Punit, 43, a pensions analyst, said: “Ganaya brings out the best in everyone. She’s really chatty and full of joy. She’s my inspiration.

“She’s having pre-op physio to strengthen her core. I’m nervous and excited about the operation.

“She’ll be at GOSH for three weeks. I’m trying to prepare us all, her siblings as well, because it will have a big impact on the whole family.

“I know that when she takes her first steps we’ll all be blown away.”