Luton is cheapest in the UK for private GP consultations

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Luton offers the cheapest price for private GP consultations, according to private healthcare search engine

Patients can expect to pay £30, which compares favourably with other areas of the UK, Belfast residents face fees of £155.

The practice manager for Luton’s Dr Ronald D’Silva Private GP Clinic, Darrel Gregory, said: “I’m really pleased, it is hard for us to know what other clinics are doing. We feel ours is a competitive price for what we give, and at the end of the day its the patients that we care about”.

The competitive prices may have contributed to a doubling in demand for private GP consultation in the town last year.

Caalen King, chief executive of, said: “The UK is home to a fantastic national health service but it’s under increasing pressure from rising patient numbers and funding cuts. Our data shows there are huge variations in the cost of a general consultation from one surgery to another”.