Sienna’s Footsteps could create a better future


A mother of four is trying to raise awareness of her daughter’s conditions and raise money for therapy sessions.

Tanya Fernandes, of Stopsley, set up the charity with her family for her daughter, Sienna, who suffers from severe developmental delay, cerebral palsy, microcephaly (small head syndrome) and a genetic condition she is being tested for.



The charity, Sienna’s Footsteps, was set up last year with children’s charity, The Tree Of Hope, it helps children who are sick and severely disabled.

Tanya wanted to raise money for her seven-year-old daughter to have an operation in America and to pay for the therapy sessions to help her develop.

She said: “We were hoping she would be able to have an operation but her doctor is unable to clarify if this can be done for someone with Sienna’s difficulties.

“We are now hoping the therapy sessions will help her develop as we want her progress to continue.

“Sienna’s condition relates to the brain, I know she will most likely never be able to live independently but I am trying to secure her future.

“She is functioning between eight and 18 months of age and needs help with everyday tasks like brushing her teeth, getting dressed and eating.

“Getting her sensory mats will help calm her as she has high levels of anxiety, these things cost a lot of money but will help Sienna develop.”

The Lady Zia Wernher pupil loves the outdoors, her mum hopes the therapy helps her speech and physical development.

Tanya added: “She is a very loving little girl who does not have the opportunity to do things like ride a normal bike because of the difficulties she faces.

“Sienna faces many challenges in her life, she is unable to say how much she struggles and we hope to relieve some of these struggles for her so she can have a better quality of life.”

To donate to Sienna’s Footsteps, visit: